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Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel - Two Bottle Set - FAR Botanicals

Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel - Two Bottle Set

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  • Available in 5oz / 150 ml
    We noticed that customers tend to buy Cojoba in sets of two so we've created a two bottle set for your convenience. For full details about Cojoba's benefits, visit its individual product page.

  • How To Use:
    Cojoba's curl defining and style holding power works best when it's applied to damp hair. Its hold strength can be changed from light to medium by increasing the amount applied. Once style has set, if you find the style too firm, gentle scrunch the hair to soften.  For more tips and instructions on how to use this product, Click Here.

    Tip: Always remember to conduct a patch test for any new product you buy before engaging in full use.

  • Key Ingredients:
    Aloe Vera Juice, Extracts of Bamboo, Linseed and Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Abasynian Oil and Jojoba Oil.

    Click Here for a full list of the ingredients used in the FAR Botanicals line.

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